Team Switzerland

 Andrea Rubin (chairwoman of the board and project manager)


I have been working with people in difficult life situations for more than 16 years.

I gained my work experience as a manager of an institution for people suffering from mental illness and addiction and by taking care of them. I also engaged in projects for development aid and humanitarian aid, which allowed me to gain further knowledge. As a coach of non-violent communication and as an educator of adults, I teach employees in institutions as well as private persons... read more

Jonas von Selve (board member)

You should support good ideas. And you should support good friends with good ideas. That is why I commit myself to friends and other people so that they can realise their good ideas. To help an idea become a project is amazing. It is a great honour, but also a challenge for me to support friends and other people... read more

Thomas Gentsch (former board member )


Thomas Gentsch died on 17 April 2016.

With a heavy heart, we say farewell to our dear friend and co-founder of Hope is life, Thomas Gentsch. We are deeply saddened by his death and grateful at the same time - for his valuable commitment and for the time we got to spend with him... read more

Christian Büchi (accounting and further engagement)


Hope is life makes a difference – directly. There is a lot of personal commitment in it, and I am glad to support this organisation with my small contribution.
My main job is manager of a gastronomy business, and I see Hope is life as a good balance to my very economy-based everyday work. I think that our privileged life here obligates us to give something away and to support people who are less well-off... read more 

Isabella M. Hefti-Fruet (administration)

Andrea and I met in 2008 during the training we both attended to become Federal Leadership Specialists (German: “Eidgenössische Führungsfachfrau”). When she started her Hope is life project, I wanted to stay informed, so I followed her intensely on Social Media and read her newsletters. At some point, I was so curious that I got in touch with her to learn more about her work and her projects. And that is how it all started.
Since August 2016, I have been part of the Hope is life team, and I am very happy to... read more


Anouk Hagemann (translator)


In June 2016, I received my translation diploma at the School of Applied Linguistics (SAL) in Zurich. I translate from English into German and vice versa. The voluntary work for Hope is life gives me the opportunity to continuously improve my skills as well as to support an organisation that helps people in need... read more

Mirjam Schenk (administration)


During my gap year, I spent three fantastic months in Nepal in the spring of 2019. For a little over two months, I worked for Hope is life Nepal, where I gave flute and guitar lessons. Also, we started a project to make it possible for the local people to work for a regular salary. They now make glass coasters out of garbage that we sell in Switzerland. I soon knew that I wanted to work for Hope is life in the long term... read more

Team India

Hope is life India was founded in order to support our mission to stand up for women and children in need. Anuma Sadangi, chairwoman of the board, grew up in the villages of Orissa herself and knows from her own experience what poverty and violence mean. At first, we were a small team, but we have been growing steadily. All our employees are from the project villages in the field. Although the poverty, the caste system, the different languages of the locals as well as the lack of education and possibilities are often challenging for our team, everybody is proud and glad to be a part of Hope is life. With this work, the employees can contribute to the quality of life of the people in their villages and at the same time support their own families thanks to the salary.


‘Hope is life gives hope, empathy as well as new possibilities by providing emergency aid, balanced nutrition, education, health and empowerment.’ Hope is life Team India


Team Nepal

Hope is life Nepal was founded in 2016 after a multi-week assignment for the earthquake victims in order to be able to provide more help in the field. Samjhana Sharma, chairwoman of the board, has supported women in need in different areas of Nepal for many years. The Hope is life Team Nepal is growing steadily. The employees agree: They want to stand up for those people who are in need of support and help. For those who cannot defend themselves. Despite the daily challenges, for example solving conflicts within the village community or gaining the trust of the villagers, the team cares about the work.


‘The spirit and the sense of community we experience in the Hope is life Team gives us the energy and strength to continue with our daily work.’ Hope is life Team Nepal



Wir suchen Gottis und Göttis

Wir haben in Indien zwei neue Betreuungszentren für Kinder aufgebaut. Dies ermöglicht uns für 97  Kinder zu sorgen. Für die Sicherstellung der fortlaufenden Betreuung benötigen wir Paten (Gottis und Göttis), die bereit sind, unsere Kinder in den Kids Care mit 85 Franken pro Monat zu unterstützen. Bei Interesse melde Dich unter:

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