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Hope is life is a non-profit organisation formed on the basis of vision, friendship and hope. 

It was founded in Switzerland, and it was not long afterwards that Hope is life India and Hope is life Nepal followed. Together, we want to support people in need and work towards hopeful life for them. Our idea is not to change the people according to our own plans, but to capture their visions and wishes and continue working on the change together. Thanks to our projects with the goal of capacity building, we stay independent from other organisations.

Hope is life, Hope is life India and Hope is life Nepal are not associated with any religious or political organisations. Our motivation is based on the conviction that every human being has a right to life, peace and dignity. We want to stand up for those who do not have enough to eat, who have to drink polluted water and are persecuted, abused and exploited without anybody caring or knowing about it.

We hope we have caught your interest with these lines and invite you to take a closer look at our projects and our picture gallery.





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Wir suchen Gottis und Göttis

Für Kinder in Indien suchen wir immer wieder Gottis und Göttis die bereit sind eines unserer Kinder monatlich zu unterstützen. Auch für unsere Kids Care, suchen wir weiterhin Paten. Bei Fragen kannst Du Dich bei uns melden:


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